As Six Metal, we pay utmost attention to the packaging of our products so that our aluminum profiles can preserve their shapes and surface properties until the delivery to our customers. In this regard, we take all the necessary measures and adopt the required practices to ensure the robust packaging of our products.

For extra durability, our experts benefit from the shrinking technique and cardboard packaging to provide added durability and protection for your orders. We also cover our aluminum profiles with foil tapes to provide extra protection for the surface.

Our company and employees are extremely careful in our packaging operations. We deliver our products with smooth or euro pallets in domestic and international sales. As a result, we guarantee deliveries in perfect conditions even after the unloading of the products.

Six Metal gives importance to increasing equipment and workforce efficiency while optimizing product packaging for safe deliveries. In this way, we also guarantee our customer satisfaction and experience. Our customers receive their products without any delay or damage on them just as they just came out of the production.

If you have additional requests or questions about our packaging processes, please feel free to contact our company at any time you like.