As Six Aluminum,

we and our solution partners have a diverse range of production lines to meet the growing demand. Our top priority is to deliver complete, high-quality, and satisfactory services and solutions to our customers. Our facility offers die house, extrusion, anodizing, powder coating, mechanical process, quality control, and packaging processes and productions to our clients in various industries.

As an all-in-one solution partner, we take pride in our well-established reputation for providing quality products and solutions, with an emphasis on exceptional customer experience. We are committed to providing flawless trade, goods, and services for our clients.

At Six Aluminum, we are fully equipped to provide all the services and products required for your operations. Our focus is not only on delivering quality products but also on timely deliveries and fulfilling our commitments as per agreements.

Please browse through our comprehensive range of services and products and do not hesitate to contact us for further information or assistance.

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Die House

The excellence of our aluminum profiles is attributed to our meticulously crafted and well-maintained extrusion dies, manufactured in state-of-the-art die houses. To achieve this, we utilize cutting-edge technology such as CNC benches equipped with the latest software including CAD and CAM.


Aluminum extrusion is a process in which aluminum is shaped by being forced to flow through a shaped hole in a die. At Six Aluminum, we and our solution partners have equipped our Extrusion department with the most advanced machinery and equipment available, to ensure the production of high-quality aluminum extrusion profiles.


Anodizing is a value-added process that enhances the benefits of aluminum profiles. At Six Aluminum, we and our solution partners strive to improve the quality of our products by anodizing them, which increases their resistance to corrosion and heat.

Powder Coating

In today's market, customization is a key factor that can make a business stand out. Consumers are looking for unique designs and colors that make products distinctive. At Six Aluminum, we and our solution partners understand this need and offer our clients customized solutions by dyeing our aluminum profiles with a variety of colors. This allows our clients to create products that reflect their brand and vision.

Mechanical Process

Our mechanical processing department is fully equipped with advanced machinery to handle all kinds of processing requirements for our premium-quality aluminum profiles. At Six Aluminum, we strive to produce profiles that require minimal mechanical processing after extrusion. However, we understand that some products may require additional forms or shapes, and we are capable of providing customized solutions to meet our clients' needs.

Quality Control

At Six aluminum, we take pride in our state-of-the-art production facilities, where we manufacture top-quality aluminum profiles and products that meet global quality standards. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that we can provide our customers with the physical properties, functionality, and premium quality they demand and deserve. Our ultimate goal is to exceed our customers' expectations with every product we deliver.


At Six Aluminum, we take great care in packaging our aluminum profiles to ensure that they retain their shape and surface properties during transport and until delivery to our customers. We have adopted the necessary measures and practices to guarantee the sturdy packaging of our products.