Aluminum Profiles

Shutters: Durability Meets Design

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Aluminum profiles have become the backbone of modern construction, particularly in the design and implementation of roller shutters. Their unmatched durability, flexibility in design, and cost-effectiveness make them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial properties.

Why Choose Six Metal for Your Roller Shutters?


Aluminum profiles are renowned for their strength and resistance to corrosion, which ensures longevity and less maintenance for your roller shutters.

Aesthetic Flexibility

Available in various finishes and colors, aluminum profiles can be customized to suit the architectural design of any building, adding a sleek and professional look.

Energy Efficiency

With their excellent insulation properties, aluminum profiles for roller shutters contribute to energy savings by keeping buildings warmer in winter and cooler in summer.


Aluminum shutters provide an additional layer of security, protecting against break-ins and vandalism due to their sturdy construction.

six metal aluminium and metal products extrusion profiles roller shutter profiles

How Aluminum Profiles Are Revolutionizing Roller Shutters

Innovations in Aluminum Profiles

The latest advancements in aluminum extrusion technology mean that profiles are now more secure and easier to integrate into smart home systems than ever before.


Aluminum is 100% recyclable, reducing the carbon footprint of your construction project and supporting sustainable building practices.

Choosing the Right Aluminum Profile for Your Project

Understanding Specifications

We’ll guide you through the process of selecting the right thickness, strength, and finish for your aluminum profiles.

Customization Options

Explore the custom design possibilities with aluminum profiles, including bespoke dimensions and powder-coating to match your brand’s color scheme.

Installation and Maintenance

Professional Installation

Learn why professional installation ensures the optimal performance of your roller shutters and the longevity of the aluminum profiles.

Maintenance Tips

We provide simple tips for maintaining your aluminum profiles to ensure they remain in top condition, including cleaning and lubrication schedules.

Case Studies: Success Stories with Aluminum Roller Shutters

Read about real-life examples where aluminum profiles for roller shutters have added value, functionality, and style to various properties.


Aluminum profiles are the choice for the future, blending aesthetics with functionality. Investing in aluminum roller shutters not only enhances the look of your property but also contributes to its security and energy efficiency.

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